October 17, 2021

Water Reticulation Project (2009+)

Hiramoa Paurini has lead the overhaul of the water reticulation project. This has involved up-grading the quality of drinking water at the marae. Our drinking water is collected from the dining-room roof and is filtered and purified before it is used. This project has been almost entirely funded by the Ministry of Health. The make-over included 2 new 30,000ltr tanks, down pipes, underground trenching to link the new pipes to the tanks, drinking-water filters, first-flush diverters, new guttering, and all the mod cons. The Ministry of Health has funded a multi-million dollar project to up-grade drinking water quality so that rural communities which rely on tank water receive higher quality water, and this includes many marae. We were one of the first to receive this support and funding. Other hapū and organisations are urged to apply for this funding.

We are happy to share our experience and what we have learned from this project with other marae. Check-out the new water tanks behind the pump-house when you are next at Ngātokowaru. In 2011 Hiramoa was employed by Mid-Central Health to assist other organisations with improving their access to clean safe water.

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