December 9, 2022
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Highlights of 2020

Photographs and images Te Rōpu Tiaki Whakaahua

Recently, the photo of our tūpuna Erenora Taratoa fell from the tuarongo (back wall) of Ngātokowaru because of deterioration to its frame and fixtures. Finding options to fix Erenora’s photo highlighted the need to assess the condition of all 28 photos on the tuarongo for damage and repairs. A group were asked to investigate this mahi and offer solutions. The group is called Te Rōpū Tiaki Whakaahua: Pataka Moore, Hera Eparaima and trustees: Ema Jacob and Hohepa O’Donnell.

Hera approached Norm Heke for advice. Norm has been the leading photographer and imaging specialist at Te Papa Tongarewa for many years.  He offered his services to the marae to carry out a weekend workshop to assess, repair and document the tūpuna photos on the tuarongo.

This hui and workshop took place in February and proved to be a stunning success. All photographs were removed; assessed, cleaned, repaired where possible or identified for further work. Each was then photographed and fantastic images produced using 2020 technology solutions. Hera set up a spreadsheet to record details of each photo. A great weekend.

Tangoio whānau visiting on April 4th

Last year the kaumatua group from Tangoio Marae in Hawkes Bay asked that we host them for a weekend to strengthen relationships. The Nicholson brothers, Rhodes and Albert (who were the 2nd and 4th sons of William and Martha Nicholson from Roundhay Park in Leeds) became the fathers of  Kararaina and Ema Hapai Nicholson here in the Horowhenua in the mid to late 1800s.  Their mother was Whawha. We have beautiful photographs of all of these women. Join the hui mid morning on the 4th April. We’ll share some interesting kōrero.

Highlights of 2019

Our Treaty Claim Wai 113 (Pareraukawa) May 24th 2019

In May 2019 we had an evening at the marae where we were able to hear exactly what the back ground to our claim is about. We received the Statement of Claim made to the Waitangi Tribunal (22 Feb. 2019). We also received the History report that several of our hapū researchers have prepared.  We were reminded that we descend from tūpuna who travelled to this region in the 1820s, secured that land for Ngāti Raukawa and that our story will be relayed to the tribunal in 2021. The Ngāti Raukawa claims will begin in Feilding in February 2020.

Moko Kauae hui May and August 2019

We had around 25 women attend a hui for our whānau and hapū in May to discuss the kaupapa of moko kauae. It revealed that we know little about the background to our tūpuna receiving their moko kauae, but there is real interest in reviving the practice within our hapū. In August, 4 women received their moko kauae within the whare tupuna. It was an inspirational day. There is another group planning to receive theirs in 2020.

Environmental Focus

We continue to shine a light on the environmental issues at Hōkio. We have a group working on an agreement to close the Dump and repatriate the site.  We are also working to find a satisfactory alternative to the way in which the current waste water and effluent is spread on the area known as the “Pot”.

Highlights of 2018

40 year anniversary 

In March 2018 over 100 whānau members commemorated the 40th anniversary of the opening of the “new” Meeting house, replacing the whare opened on Christmas Day 1900.  The opening took place in 1978. We recognise that most of those who were there, and are still here, are now middle aged – and older. Some of these people shared their memories in the whare tupuna. Jane Andrew told us of their being at the Rangitikei River in 1974 when the totara logs later used for carving art work, were extracted by the army. Others were engaged with carving, tukutuku and kōwhaiwhai art work; carpentry and roofing. When the whare tupuna roof had been replaced last year, the roofer (Telford MacKay) had found the messages etched in the ridgepole by Ben Winiata and others when they put the original roof on. Yes that roof lasted for forty years!

Epānui – Ngātiriti Eparaima has sent out an epānui each month and kept many of our hapū up to date with activities. It’s a contribution we are pleased to receive.

Marae Use – Our marae is used regularly throughout the year. This year there were 24 hui at the marae. The contribution of whānau who host the hui at the marae is significant as their labour and manaakitanga enable the costs to be contained and koha to be used for marae and hapū development.  Te Wānanga o Raukawa with Milton Rauhihi, brought the Heke Reo students to the marae for a week from 28 May. Te Kura Māori ki Porirua brought 45 students to use the marae as a base for a week while they performed at the schools kapa haka hui in Palmerston Nth. On the 26th July the elected councillors from the Horowhenua District Council came to the marae to hear our environmental story. The descendants of Miroi and Dave McGregor met at Ngātokowaru for a couple of days over Easter. Keelan Ransfield brought groups from Raukawa Whānau Ora and He Oranga Tamariki. Alma Winiata hosted the Wellington Māori Rugby team playing at a tournament in Levin. Rangi Nicholson brought a film crew making a documentary.

Rangiatea. For over a century the hapū has celebrated an Anglican Service at Ngātokowaru on the 4th Sunday of the month at 11 a.m. In 2018 we welcomed a new minister to Rangiatea and have also enjoyed having Dr Rangi Nicholson attending services since his return to the rohe. The services are still at 11 a.m. on the 4th Sunday of the month followed by a shared whānau lunch.

Smoke-free Drug-free and alcohol-free. For over 25 years we have discussed this issue and in 2018 decided we are now “behind the times” as most marae have become smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free. We have resolved to formally announce Ngātokowaru Marae is now drug-free, smoke-free, alcohol-free, and a zero-waste marae. We have embraced a 21st century way of being – perhaps also returning to a pre-European way of being and to promote healthy life-style options.

Para kore. In 2018 we became a Pare kore / Zero waste marae. The hapū embraced this immediately and now carefully sort and recycle everything, resulting in one or two small bags of rubbish per day. Paper, plastic, tins and bottles are all taken home and recycled. Whānau have become conscious of the commitment and remove rubbish and recycling daily. One of the biggest areas of creating waste is the paper hand towells in the ablution block. It has been suggested we invest in hand drying heaters. A project for 2019.

Refurbishment  2018 has seen our Dining Room with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, new curtains, new heat pumps and 15 new light weight, white top tables. In the Meeting House we’ve also topped up the mattresses.

Raumatangi – We are grateful that Charelle and Kerry Woodmass and Whiwhi Winiata have lovingly cared for the urupā on behalf of the trustees and hapū for the past decade. And we urge all those who go there to help them with the contribution they make to mowing, clearing, spraying and repairs.

Marae Committee – The Marae Committee manages the day-to-day running of the marae, urupā and driveway on behalf of Ngāti Pareraukawa.  The Committee met 5 times in 2018 and convened the Triennial Meeting in March. The Marae Committee is Ana Harrison, Catherine Simpson, Pataka Moore, Robyn Gardner, Tukunui Nicholson, Rawiri Richmond, Nathan Kirker, Marahira Nicholson, Jeremy Hapeta and Fay Selby-Law. Officers are Rachael Selby (Chair) Ana Winiata (Sec) Helena Winiata (Assistant Secretary) David Moore (Treasurer) and Ben Law (Assistant to the treasurer).

Environment 2018 at Hōkio – one of the last but not least in this list of  items for 2018 is our environmental footprint. Our Marae Committee has for decades received reports on the key environmental issues that faced us – many with the sub-heading of pollution and degradation. This 2018 year was no exception. The Landfill issue with its consents, with our appeals to the Hearing in front of commissioners two years ago, was brought to a head in September 2018. Four hapū members and two others (Caleb Royal and Mahinarangi Baker) submitted papers beseeching the Environment Court to close the Landfill and order a clean up of the site, the Hōkio Stream and the surrounding area. The Environment Court Case is scheduled for February 2019, however we believe it may be possible to find some solutions through negotiation. We will keep you posted.

Further, the Council is applying for consents to manage its Levin effluent at the POT near Hōkio Beach Road. Our Environmental group is engaged in the next battle over this.

Pataka Moore went to Japan in November to join a Symposium on conservation issues. Here’s a link to the report.

A Lifetime Achievement Award – In 2018 our kaumātua Whatarangi Winiata, was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Māori Language Awards for his contribution to the revitalisation of te reo Māori over more than 40 years. As a hapū we have benefited from his visionary approach, commitment, tenacity and drive.

Wai 113 – In 1979 three of our kaumātua submitted the historical claim (drafted by Ani Mikaere for her father, Te Maharanui Ranfurly Jacob) to the Waitangi Tribunal “on behalf of all descendants of the iwi and hapu of Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga.”  Thirty years on, in 2019 the Tribunal will begin to hear our claims. In 2018 we completed an historical report for Ngātokowaru Marae. Copies are available.

Your donation – we have whānau who are making a regular monthly koha to the marae – if you would like to do this for the next year or two, see the bank account details below. We need financial support to maintain the marae.

Ngatokowaru Maori Committee

Wpac Levin 03 0667 0102697 00

Note:  koha

Marae Committee – we meet bi-monthly. All whānau are welcome. Meetings are 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. (Come and check that claim out!) We manage the day-t0-day running of the marae. It’s a nice way to stay in touch.

If you have the inclination to manage this website for a year or two, please get in touch with the secretary and we will happily engage you.


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