October 17, 2021

Hokio Dump (aka Horowhenua Landfill) 2009

The Hokio Dump has long been a source of concern for Ngāti Pareraukawa. To date we have had little say in the way the landfill has been operated. In 2009, Horizons Regional Council began a review of certain consent conditions and have allowed the Neighbourhood Liaison Group for the Landfill, to have a say and to ask questions about the way in which it is operated. Ngāti Pareraukiawa is represented on the Neighbourhood Liaison Group by Pātaka Moore, Caleb Royal and David Moore. As a precursor to official/formal hearings, Ngāti Pareraukawa held a pre-hearing meeting at Ngātokowaru in April 2009 and a second one was requested by the Horowhenua District Council, Horizons, neighbours and others interested. It was again hosted by us in June, at Ngātokowaru. While we did not achieve all we wanted, it was a positive outcome for our hapū and we managed to tighten the consent conditions so that the dump is managed in a more sustainable way.

It is worth noting that the old dump-site is potentially a hazard because it has not been successfully sealed off and capped. This is a major environmental issue, under discussion and we continue to monitor how this is resolved.

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