October 17, 2021

Hapū Hui 15-17 March 2013

We launched the book Maori mentoring and pathways to wellbeing: Te Huarahi o te Ora in March. Many of the original goal setters attended and received their copies of the book. The Saturday working bee was great. A small band of men dug soak pits at Te Patai and replaced down pipes – it was a great job done. Another band of gardeners worked on cutting back the harakeke and it all looks great now. Another group of rangatahi emptied the mattress room and the mattresses and pillows spent the day in the very warm sunshine. Yet another group moved all the furniture from the dining room, washed the floor and cleaned the room. Dave Newey painted the flagpole. Another group painted the lines on the steps leading to the whare tupuna – they shine in the dark now! And another group reorganised the kitchen so that it has ‘flow’. Other pottered about supervising jobs and children. We stayed the night again and slept like tops! On Sunday Mike Pehi came to talk about what happens after death from an undertaker’s perspective. It got us thinking about our cemetery and issues we could debate.

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